This Is A Program That : 

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You Will Be Helped Earn


Unlimited Times


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You Will Get Flyers Designed

For Your Programs, Business & Website For Free

Will Be Automatically Advertised

Using The Flyers Every Forty – Five ( 45 ) Minutes


Six Thousand Facebook Groups

Which Will

Expose Your Programs / Business / Website To Millions Of People

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                          Multiple Downlines For Your Programs Everyday

                          Multiple Customers For Your Business Everyday

                          Thousands Of Traffics / Visitors For Your Website Everyday


                 Where :

You Can Get Paid Automatically

Every Sixty ( 60 ) Days









                 Where :

You Can Get

Multiple Entries ( Register Multiple Accounts For You )

For Free On  


Global Helpers Alliance


Will Give You

Up To 240 ( Two Hundred & Forty ) Personal Downlines

On SimpleCycler

Up To Three Thousand ( 3,000 ) Personal Downlines

On Global Helpers Alliance


        ► You Don’t Need To Advertise To Get Paid

        ► You Don’t Need To Sell Anything To Get Paid 

        ► You Don’t Need To Personally Refer /

           Sponsor / Attract New Members To Get Paid

All Of These Will Be Automatically Done For You.


UnlimitedTenDollars Will :

                  ► Automatically Advertise Your Sponsoring / Affiliate Link

                       Every Forty – Five Minutes On Facebook

                  ► Automatically Attract Multiple Downlines

                  ► Automatically Recruit Multiple Downlines

                  ► Automatically Generate Multiple Downlines

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                  ► Pay You Automatically Everytime You Earn Money

                  ► No Need Asking For Earnings Withdrawals

                  ► You Will Be Receiving Payment Alerts


All You Need Are :

A Facebook Account

UnlimitedTenDollars Membership


Your Tasks is to set up Your Facebook Account By :

Adding More Friends To Your Facebook Account

Liking Lot Of Money Making Pages

Joining Lot Of Money Making Facebook Groups

We Can Give You Four Thousands ( 4,000 ) Money Making Facebook Groups You Can Join & Let You Know How To Join Them Without Getting Blocked or Banned by Facebook.

The More Friends You Have on Facebook & Facebook Pages / Groups ( Set Up for Money Making or Business ) You Joined, The More Your Earnings.


Why You Should Join UnlimitedTenDollars : 

      ► Your Earnings Start The Moment You Become A Full Member

      ► You Will Be Paid $5 Within 24 ( Twenty-Four ) Hours

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      ► Unlike Other Programs Where You Need To Personally

           Advertise Your Sponsoring Link & Get People To Join You

           To Get Paid, UnlimitedTenDollars Will Be The One Doing All

           The Advertising & Make Sure $10 & $20 Payments Are

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      ► You Will Be Helped Get Downlines For All Your Programs By

           First Designing Flyers For Them For Free & Then Use The Flyers To

           Attract Downlines From Facebook Groups

      ► You Will Be Given Opportunity to Receive More $5 Payments

           Unlimited Times For Free

      ► There Is Opportunity To Receive Extra $10 Payments At The End

           Of Every Months.

      ► You Don’t Need To Ask For Earnings Withdrawals

      ► You Will Be Paid Automatically Everytime You Earn Money

      ► No Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Subscription

      ► When You Join, You Are A Member For Life

      ► You Can Have As Many Accounts As You Want.


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